Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day.....just another day

This morning I got to sleep in (thank you Steve), but when I looked at the clock and realized I had 1.5 hours until church, I knew I better get going. I immediately went up to strip Preston's bed to wash his sheets, and the kids ran up to meet me with mother's day cards, homemade gifts and boxes of candy (the last thing I need). Unfortunately, they got a little confused and thought the candy was theirs and then started crying when I wouldn't let them open it and start eating it at 7:15am. Really??

I convinced them to come downstairs to eat their breakfast, then I got the laundry started and emptied the dishwasher while Steve fed them breakfast. Neither wanted what we initially offered, so more tears were shed. Then Pres spit out his bacon and started complaining about his throat, and before I knew it, he had thrown up all over the kitchen floor. This is how my mother's day got started.....Happy Mother's Day to me!

After church we fought the crowds and went to lunch. Then we came home and Steve helped me get the kids to bed for naps. Steve had to fly out for work this afternoon, so I watched a little TV and took a short nap. I felt my day turning around when I awoke feeling much better. Then I went to wake up the kids, and they were both in good moods (thank you God). I got them dressed so we could head back to church for Bennett's spring choir concert. Steve's parents met me up there and helped with Pres while I took this very poor quality video of Bennett singing.

Now the children are outside playing...they are happy and getting along! I feel like my mother's day is going to end on a high note! Happy Mother's Day to my mom, and all of my friends and family reading this! I hope all of your days went more smoothly than mine!

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