Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old School Summer Fun

I know many have purchased some of the new and improved fun toys for playing in the water, but we believe in old school fun. We had a small blow-up pool, but realized it had a large hole in it when Steve tried to inflate it this morning. Since it was 90 degrees by mid morning, we pulled out the sprinkler, sprayed the kids with sunscreen and let them go crazy in the backyard. They had a ball running around the yard through the sprinkler, playing in the sand and the grass got some much needed water (so it was a win-win)!

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Chelsea said...

The BEST outdoor toy hands down. It has stood the test of time. Kids have been playing in garden hoses since their invention.

Our kids love our fountain. They fill their squirt guns, tea cups and even float leaf boats in it. It will be a miracle if we make it through the summer with no illnesses from drinking it! Leptosporosis tea, anyone?