Monday, May 23, 2011

Queen B's Big 4th Birthday!!

I can NOT believe my baby girl turned 4 years old!! This happy little baby has grown into a beautiful and precocious little girl. She lives her life fully each and every day, and takes everything in around her. She is loving, funny and as emotional as the Walker women in my family are (sometimes that is a good thing, and sometimes that is a bad thing).

Steve had decided that he wanted to buy Bennett something special for her birthday....her first piece of jewelry. Since she always comments on my necklace, Steve knew what he wanted to get her, and thankfully James Avery had it. When she got home from school on Friday, Steve was sitting in the living room with a small bag next him. Being typical Bennett, she asked what was in the bag, so he invited her over to open and see. She excitedly opened it and found a small sterling silver cross. Bennett was very happy and immediately asked to put it on.

We decided to have our first off-site birthday party. Since my little girl has such a sweet tooth, what better than SoHo Sweets, a local candy shop. The party was organized perfectly with the children starting off making their own pizza slices. While those cooked, they made candy necklaces. Some of the kids followed the instructions, but most just ate the candy (like Preston). Thankfully the pizza arrived in time to help the sugar balance out. Bennett ate both of her slices (that little girl LOVES cheese pizza)!

Following lunch, the kids each made their own ice cream sundae, decorating them with various toppings. If that wasn't enough, we then sang "Happy Birthday" and devoured some cake. Needless to say, all of the kids were sent home on a sugar high that probably only lasted an hour before they came crashing down.

Though Bennett greeted each friend with a genuine hug when they arrived, I know she was most interested in the loot they brought her. We tried to remind her to use manners and thank each of them for coming, but I think it is difficult for a 4 year old to not be interested in the gift. So as the party was ending, she was anxious to begin opening them up. We told her that all of the family would be coming over to our house to watch her open gifts (and eat pizza since we didn't eat at the party), and she had to wait. She wasn't very happy with that answer, but reluctantly agreed. However, as soon as we walked in our doors, she was ready!

We tried to hold her off for a little while, but she grew more and more inpatient, so we gave in to her incessant nagging. She got several movies, lots of art supplies (which she is really into right now), two new barbie dolls and a barbie car and some cash! Steve and I and my parents decided to hold off on giving her our presents that day so she wasn't too overwhelmed.

After spending all day with Bennett on Sunday painting, taking her to a movie, and then going out for dinner, my parents decided to let her open her gifts from them. So you can imagine her excitement when she received an American Girls Bitty Baby, diaper bag, blanket and coordinating clothes. She played with it until we made her go to bed and then she snuggled with it all night long. She LOVES her baby dolls and sleeps with at least one every day. Several months ago when we received the newest American Dolls magazine, she began telling me everything she wanted. I told her to tell her Nene, and maybe she would get some of it for her birthday. I think she had forgotten about it, but I know it will be something she'll enjoy for awhile.

This morning, Steve waited to go to work until she woke up. She came down the stairs (with her new baby in hand), and the first thing she saw were her presents. We all gave her a kiss, wished her happy birthday and then she opened her presents. She got a new princess nightgown, princess plates, snorkel and mask and an album of photos taken throughout this past school year, so she can remember her teacher and friends.

We love you Bennett, and hope that your 4th birthday was memorable and fun! You are a very special little girl who is loved by so many. Your smile is so warm and genuine, and your beautiful blue eyes light up your face. Your daddy and I can't wait to see how you continue to thrive and development.

We wish you the happiest 4th birthday and hope you always know how much we love you! Big, big, big much!!


Mary Michael said...

omg...she was so cute as a baby! We love you to Bennett...happy birthday to you!!

Chelsea said...

Yeah Bennett! What a fun celebration. I'm all for the "off site" party. Leave the mess at the candy store! ;)

She looks so grown up with her big girl doll in the little carrier. I remember holding her when she was a tiny thing! What a beautiful sweet little girl. It goes too fast sometimes, doesn't it?