Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Can You Believe It?

After swim lessons today, the kids and I met some friends at the pool. The kids took turns jumping in and swimming to me. After 30 minutes of this, I asked Preston if he wanted to jump off the diving board. I was shocked to hear him say “yes” so I decided to capitalize on his wishes and we walked over there. He walked out bravely, and jumped off the side of the board (which of course is dangerous and not allowed), and swam to me. When we got out, I explained that he has to walk to the very end of the board and jump. Since he was anxious to jump again, I watched him climb the ladder and walk towards the end. He needed a little coaxing to walk to the edge, but he did it and jumped in again. Again, I met him about halfway out and helped pull him to the side.

After another hour of swimming around, he asked to go off the board again. I let him, but this time when I met him halfway we got scolded by the lifeguard (a different was working that area). Evidently they don’t allow any parents in the diving well, and expect the kids to swim to the side by themselves. Though Preston (and Bennett) are doing wonderfully with their swim lessons, neither are consistent at taking breaths while swimming, especially Pres. Since I don’t want him to panic while swimming, I just let him swim underwater for what I think is a reasonable amount of time and then grab him.

Steve flew back into town this afternoon, so after the kids awoke from their naps we went back to the pool to show Daddy! Initially he did not want to do it, so we swam in the pool and jumped off the side. After 30 minutes, Steve asked him again, and he was ready…..or at least we thought he was. He waited so long debating whether to jump or not, that they closed the diving well! When he had finally psyched himself into doing it, he couldn't and began to throw a fit. The lifeguard witnessed the whole thing and told him he could jump one time. He walked out there, but then stood there debating whether or not he was going to jump (I know we should have just pulled him off the board, but we didn't). When we told him time was up….he did it!

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