Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Challenge Develops

Months ago when I was having daily challenges with Bennett, I asked friends with older daughters when it would get better. I was told that her tantrums should lesson when she turns four years old. Of course, I didn't expect it to change overnight, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and am hopeful that they were correct. She is definitely comprehending our expectations of her and starting to make better "choices." I say that word because that is what we always tell our children...."you have to make good choices" or "that was a bad choice" (which then results in punishment).

Though Bennett still cries at least once every day (we have a very emotional little girl), her meltdowns are becoming fewer and far between. I report this because we couldn't be happier to be getting over the hump. However, just as I say that...our little boy is becoming a holy terror.

Preston is full of energy, always has been, but he has become quite difficult within the past couple of weeks. It is so hard to watch him throw his tantrums, which consist of him using "potty talk" and saying "I not, I not, I not, not not" when asked to do something. For example, today we were leaving the gym and I asked him to gather his things, for which he promptly replied "I not, I not, I not, not, not" his sing-songy way. It was cute a few weeks ago, but when I hear it over and over in a 24 hour period, it wears on my nerves real quickly. We don't know how to handle him because he is unfazed by timeouts and spankings. In fact, we have to use our wooden spoon as a threat to get him to react.

Funny story about that...tonight we were getting ready to walk upstairs to take baths, and he threw a toy down the stairs. I asked him to pick it up, and he quickly responded "I not, I not, I not, not, not." I then grabbed the wooden spoon and said "excuse me?" He very quickly replied with "Ah yes, ah yes, ah yes, yes, yes." That one made me laugh! If only he was that quick to change his tune and actions everytime.....

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