Friday, June 10, 2011

Swim Lessons Are Over!

My kids are excited that their lessons are over, but probably not as much as I am! Their lessons fell right in the middle of the morning, making it difficult to get much else done for the past two weeks. The money was well spent though, as the kids feel good about the water and can swim well enough to save themselves if they fell in the water.

Frankly, Bennett looked great in the pool today....she had big kicks and long arms! She was glidely across the top of the water. If only she was consistent in taking a breath by herself. Perhaps that will come with more practice at the pool this summer.

Pres has been pushed some this week which has caused him to not enjoy his lessons as much. Ms Laura has been encouraging him to take a breath by constantly moving away from him when he swims to her. However, he won't lift up and therefore holds his breath more than he feels comfortable...causing him to cry. Oh well, he still loves the water and is doing great away from lessons!

I feel good about our lessons this year and where the kids finished. We'll spend a little time at the pool next week, and then we are off to the beach where we will be swimming everyday! Yeah for summer!!

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