Friday, August 5, 2011

One Month Left!

This past Monday marked the beginning of a long month of nothing officially on the calendar for the kids to do. So I have been trying to figure out things to do to get out of the house everyday, and hoping it is "fun" for them (rather than just running errands). Each day starts with a little time at YMCA gym nursery. Thankfully I have three Y's within a 5 mile radius of my house, so I switch it up a little to keep them happy. Afterward, we have done some other activity to wear them out... swimming, visiting the McWane Science Center, family photos, playing in the yard and making cookies.

Friday night we tried to do the movie at Homewood Park, but unfortunately they cancelled it due to wind. Since we didn't know this until we got there, the kids and I were disappointed. So when we got home, we set up our lawn chairs in the living room, ate popcorn and watched "Tangled" on our TV instead. The kids enjoyed the novelty of that, so there were no hard feelings.

Saturday morning, we met my brother, niece and nephew at Treetop Adventure. It is a huge place with a variety of games for toddlers to middle schoolers. They have go-carts, mini golf, mini bowling, laser tag, water balloon launching, jungle gyms, inflatables and a ton of arcades. We got there when it first opened, so it started off okay. However, it got more and more crowded and hot and I quickly grew tired of the place. Having to spend a lot of money on silly games to win tickets to "buy" junk was very frustrating. To top it off, I was bent over putting Preston's shoes on and got clocked in the head by a skeeball (think round brick) thrown by a two year old with bad aim. I know it was an accident, but it took everything I had to not lose it, so I called it after that. We quickly piled into to car and headed home. Both kids were sweaty and tired, and I had a raging headache forming.

With a whole month to go before school starts on Sept 7th, I will be forced to get creative with activities and/or playdates. However, as most parents know....the busier your children are, the happier they are and the better they sleep. Now if we could just get a break in this heat, we could add some other fun things to our list of future activities. Stay tuned...

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Kelley said...

Google Anniston Museum of Natural History- about an hour away in my hometown- really neat, and discounted admission w McWane membership. There's also a great t Rex exhibit in Huntsville at the space and rocket center!