Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alabama vs. Arkansas

Yesterday, Steve and I finally made it to an Alabama football game. It was a gorgeous brisk morning, but it quickly warmed up. We drove down early so we could tailgate and enjoy the day. Once we got there, we realized that all four of us girls had on a little black dress (something that every woman has in her closet).

After a few bloody marys, screwdrivers and beers, we decided to walk to the quad to meet up with some other friends, Danny and Brett. We weren't there long before Steve insisted that we go into the stadium.

The stadium was packed and was a sea of red! At first the sun felt good, but after 30 minutes I was sweating and had sweat running down my back. Steve and I finally had to get water and cool off in the shade for a little bit before watching the second half. Thankfully Alabama stomped all over Arkansas for a nice win: 38-14.

Following the game, we met our friends at Phil's for some dinner before hitting the road and returning to reality in Birmingham.

What a fun day! Alabama is undefeated and currently in 3rd place in the polls...a good place to be!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Birthday Celebrations!!

Friday night we went to dinner with all of Steve's family. Our children love eating chips and queso (the apple doesn't fall from the tree, huh?), so we typically go out for Mexican. Last night was no different...Acapulco Grill was the lucky destination! Since none of them could make it to Preston's party this morning due to other commitments, we celebrated last night with cupcakes and presents. The place was packed, and when we started singing "Happy Birthday," many others chimed in with us. It was fun, and Preston loved the attention! Of course, he loved even more opening his gifts!

This morning we continued the celebration with his 3rd birthday party with friends! We did a firetruck theme since he is obsessed with firetrucks! All of the kids received a badge and firehat, and then we had them "put out the fire" in the playhouse with their hoses (I mean super soakers). Of course, they soaked each other in the process! Pres especially loved his backpack hose (thanks Uncle Dan), that he had to refill over and over again because he sprayed everyone with it!

After 45 minutes of playing fireman in our backyard, we walked across the street to see the firetrucks! Our awesome fire department brought over their ariel firetruck AND the special operations truck! The kids LOVED climbing into the trucks, ringing the bell and watching them extend the huge ladder! They brought coloring pages and firehats for the kids too. I love Homewood, and our little was the perfect party for Pres!

After the fun with the firetrucks, we all came back to eat cake and ice cream! Pres had a ball, and thoroughly enjoyed his party and friends. I don't know if everyone noticed, but he wore his fireman's gear the entire party! Happy 3rd Birthday buddy! We love you so much!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Preston!

Today my little boy is turning 3! It is so hard to believe that Pres is already three years old. Considering how poor my memory is, it is shocking to believe that I still remember carrying him around the house when he was a baby (as he would puke all over me), and rocking him in the glider before bed.

John Preston, you have brought so much energy to our home. You are such a funny little boy with so many crazy faces! You are so smart and loving, yet all boy! You still love your trucks and trains, and ask to have one of your many truck books read to you before bed almost daily. You are a total daredevil, with little to no fear about most things. You did so well with swimming this summer, and Steve and I are convinced you will be a little fish next summer. You have a love-hate relationship with Bennett....playing well until she does something to upset you, so you hit her and make her cry.

We are all looking forward to helping you celebrate tonight with family, and tomorrow with your friends!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Steve Crosses the Pond

Steve flew to London last week for his first international business trip, and first time to Europe! Since his client only had time to meet on Thursday and Sunday, he went over Wednesday morning and returned Monday afternoon. Due to all of his down time, he was able to tour around some and see the sights.

The double decker bus tour was recommended since they drive you to all of the hot spots and allow you to get off and catch another bus. So he witnessed the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, saw the Tower of London, Big Ben, and went into St. Paul's Cathedral.

Steve even made contact with the University of Alabama Alumni association in London, and found out there was a group of people watching the AL-Penn State game. The festivities were being hosted by a guy from the US, but working

in London now. Steve had a ball rooting for the Tide from across the pond, and having a few pints with other fans. When we spoke later that night, he even spoke with a slight British accent (joking).

Though it was a short trip, it was a jammed pack one, that also proved to be worthwhile for business.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Can I Get a Whoop Whoop??!!

Finally the kids are back in school!! Whoop Whoop!! Yesterday Bennett started her first day of gymnastics, and today both went back to school, Bennett in 4K and Preston 2K. I am so excited for them (and me)! As you know, I have been MIA when it comes to this blog lately, and that is because I have not had a free moment to really take photos and write blogs. Every day I have been trying to come up with an activity to keep the kids out of trouble and busy. Between that, working out and my part-time job...there is no time left for blogging (sorry readers).

However, things are about to change now that our routines are back! The kids were excited to go off to school today, and Steve and I were both there to send them off. Steve walked Bennett to her class, and witnessed her being a little shy initially. But she quickly warmed up when she saw a couple of familiar faces.

Preston was a different story...he hopped out of the car and walked in with his backpack like the almost 3 year old that he is! Several of the younger children were crying, but he was so excited to start his new adventure that he didn't even look back at us.

After their first day, they came home and took LONG naps. In fact, I had to wake them both so we could get ready and attend church tonight! Tomorrow Bennett goes back, as she is now in school 5 days a week. Preston will continue to just go 3 days a week.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Getaway

Thursday afternoon the kids and I packed up the car, said good-bye to Spencer and hopped in the crowded van of my friend Mary Michael. She had her three kids and enough luggage for our long weekend in Georgia and we were off! Later that night, Steve and her husband, Ashley, arrived with Spence, alongside of the Frys. Together, the 12 of us packed into my parent's three bedroom house at Reynold's Plantation. Though we were a little crowded, it wasn't anything we weren't accustomed to after our beach trip together earlier this summer, so we made it work.

We enjoyed boating, swimming, playing games and lots of eating and drinking! We taught the older kids how to kneeboard, and the little ones went tubing and had fun just jumping off the side of the boat whenever we were parked. Lake Oconee was warm, not crowded, and it was perfect! I even learned how to slalom this weekend, getting up my first time after perfect instruction from Steve and Kadie!

Though we tried to keep the kids busy, we had lazy mornings enjoying our coffee on the deck, swinging in the hammock, making homemade ice cream one night, and watching lots of football! We even had fun running around on the golf course after the golfers cleared out. All of the kids and adults had a great time! It was another great trip for our family, which makes me so thankful for our wonderful friends and all of the memories we are creating!

Ashley hanging with all the kids on the hammock

Above, Preston tubing by himself! He didn't want anyone to ride with him (my little daredevil).
Above, Bennett and Lily tubing. They loved hitting the wake and bouncing around, giggling the entire time!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Preston...almost 3...

We are less than 3 weeks away from Preston's third birthday, and he has learned a new trick....


We are also working on potty training, as of Tuesday night! We have been talking about going potty on the toilet, and putting him on it for months. However, I think he is afraid he's going to fall in, as he spends so much of his energy just holding onto the toilet. So I decided to pull the dreaded toddler potty from my basement. I dusted it off and put it in the kitchen (where we spend the majority of our time) and encouraged him to utilize it instead. He tee-teed in it almost immediately, which I rewarded with candy. Since Bennett was there to cheer him on, she got a piece too.

About 10 minutes later, he went again (and again was rewarded with candy). After repeating this every 5-10 minutes (with just a little dribble each time), I decided that I needed to purchase a large bag of M&Ms or something else so he isn't too hyped up on sugar all of the time. Yesterday, he awoke and started talking about his potty right away. We took off his diaper and he ran to the toilet where he went potty again.

Before we left for the gym, 3 hours after he awoke, he used the toilet 3 times! Even though I alerted the gym personnel and asked Bennett to help him at the gym (which she did), he had stage fright again, and went in his pull-up instead. Though we were home for the majority of the day, and I was pumping him full of fluids, we had several stand-offs. He definitely likes to go on his own terms, which makes me very nervous when I have a naked boy running around my house.

All signs are pointing to the fact that he may not be ready, but I am pushing forward anyway. School starts on Wednesday, and he is in a class with several kids who I know are potty trained so the teacher will make them take potty breaks. In addition, he is enrolled in gymnastics (also starting next week), but he has to be potty trained. Rather than pay for a month to hold his spot, I am determined to get him out of a diaper!

Since Preston got his stubbornness from me, pray for both of us that this process works!