Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alabama vs. Arkansas

Yesterday, Steve and I finally made it to an Alabama football game. It was a gorgeous brisk morning, but it quickly warmed up. We drove down early so we could tailgate and enjoy the day. Once we got there, we realized that all four of us girls had on a little black dress (something that every woman has in her closet).

After a few bloody marys, screwdrivers and beers, we decided to walk to the quad to meet up with some other friends, Danny and Brett. We weren't there long before Steve insisted that we go into the stadium.

The stadium was packed and was a sea of red! At first the sun felt good, but after 30 minutes I was sweating and had sweat running down my back. Steve and I finally had to get water and cool off in the shade for a little bit before watching the second half. Thankfully Alabama stomped all over Arkansas for a nice win: 38-14.

Following the game, we met our friends at Phil's for some dinner before hitting the road and returning to reality in Birmingham.

What a fun day! Alabama is undefeated and currently in 3rd place in the polls...a good place to be!

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Joy said...

Roll Tide Roll