Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Preston!

Today my little boy is turning 3! It is so hard to believe that Pres is already three years old. Considering how poor my memory is, it is shocking to believe that I still remember carrying him around the house when he was a baby (as he would puke all over me), and rocking him in the glider before bed.

John Preston, you have brought so much energy to our home. You are such a funny little boy with so many crazy faces! You are so smart and loving, yet all boy! You still love your trucks and trains, and ask to have one of your many truck books read to you before bed almost daily. You are a total daredevil, with little to no fear about most things. You did so well with swimming this summer, and Steve and I are convinced you will be a little fish next summer. You have a love-hate relationship with Bennett....playing well until she does something to upset you, so you hit her and make her cry.

We are all looking forward to helping you celebrate tonight with family, and tomorrow with your friends!

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