Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Getaway

Thursday afternoon the kids and I packed up the car, said good-bye to Spencer and hopped in the crowded van of my friend Mary Michael. She had her three kids and enough luggage for our long weekend in Georgia and we were off! Later that night, Steve and her husband, Ashley, arrived with Spence, alongside of the Frys. Together, the 12 of us packed into my parent's three bedroom house at Reynold's Plantation. Though we were a little crowded, it wasn't anything we weren't accustomed to after our beach trip together earlier this summer, so we made it work.

We enjoyed boating, swimming, playing games and lots of eating and drinking! We taught the older kids how to kneeboard, and the little ones went tubing and had fun just jumping off the side of the boat whenever we were parked. Lake Oconee was warm, not crowded, and it was perfect! I even learned how to slalom this weekend, getting up my first time after perfect instruction from Steve and Kadie!

Though we tried to keep the kids busy, we had lazy mornings enjoying our coffee on the deck, swinging in the hammock, making homemade ice cream one night, and watching lots of football! We even had fun running around on the golf course after the golfers cleared out. All of the kids and adults had a great time! It was another great trip for our family, which makes me so thankful for our wonderful friends and all of the memories we are creating!

Ashley hanging with all the kids on the hammock

Above, Preston tubing by himself! He didn't want anyone to ride with him (my little daredevil).
Above, Bennett and Lily tubing. They loved hitting the wake and bouncing around, giggling the entire time!

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Chelsea said...

Woohoo! You go girl! I don't think there's any way I could get up on that ski. What a fun weekend. I loved our trip there. Wish we were closer...

Love the shot of Pres playing football in his pull up! :)