Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Birthday Celebrations!!

Friday night we went to dinner with all of Steve's family. Our children love eating chips and queso (the apple doesn't fall from the tree, huh?), so we typically go out for Mexican. Last night was no different...Acapulco Grill was the lucky destination! Since none of them could make it to Preston's party this morning due to other commitments, we celebrated last night with cupcakes and presents. The place was packed, and when we started singing "Happy Birthday," many others chimed in with us. It was fun, and Preston loved the attention! Of course, he loved even more opening his gifts!

This morning we continued the celebration with his 3rd birthday party with friends! We did a firetruck theme since he is obsessed with firetrucks! All of the kids received a badge and firehat, and then we had them "put out the fire" in the playhouse with their hoses (I mean super soakers). Of course, they soaked each other in the process! Pres especially loved his backpack hose (thanks Uncle Dan), that he had to refill over and over again because he sprayed everyone with it!

After 45 minutes of playing fireman in our backyard, we walked across the street to see the firetrucks! Our awesome fire department brought over their ariel firetruck AND the special operations truck! The kids LOVED climbing into the trucks, ringing the bell and watching them extend the huge ladder! They brought coloring pages and firehats for the kids too. I love Homewood, and our little was the perfect party for Pres!

After the fun with the firetrucks, we all came back to eat cake and ice cream! Pres had a ball, and thoroughly enjoyed his party and friends. I don't know if everyone noticed, but he wore his fireman's gear the entire party! Happy 3rd Birthday buddy! We love you so much!

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Chelsea said...

Wow!! What a party! How in the world will you ever top that!? Looks like everyone had a ball. So cute with all the kids in front of the fire truck.

Happy Birthday, Pres!

i love that slideshow option when you click on the photos. i will have to figure that one out.