Thursday, September 1, 2011

Preston...almost 3...

We are less than 3 weeks away from Preston's third birthday, and he has learned a new trick....


We are also working on potty training, as of Tuesday night! We have been talking about going potty on the toilet, and putting him on it for months. However, I think he is afraid he's going to fall in, as he spends so much of his energy just holding onto the toilet. So I decided to pull the dreaded toddler potty from my basement. I dusted it off and put it in the kitchen (where we spend the majority of our time) and encouraged him to utilize it instead. He tee-teed in it almost immediately, which I rewarded with candy. Since Bennett was there to cheer him on, she got a piece too.

About 10 minutes later, he went again (and again was rewarded with candy). After repeating this every 5-10 minutes (with just a little dribble each time), I decided that I needed to purchase a large bag of M&Ms or something else so he isn't too hyped up on sugar all of the time. Yesterday, he awoke and started talking about his potty right away. We took off his diaper and he ran to the toilet where he went potty again.

Before we left for the gym, 3 hours after he awoke, he used the toilet 3 times! Even though I alerted the gym personnel and asked Bennett to help him at the gym (which she did), he had stage fright again, and went in his pull-up instead. Though we were home for the majority of the day, and I was pumping him full of fluids, we had several stand-offs. He definitely likes to go on his own terms, which makes me very nervous when I have a naked boy running around my house.

All signs are pointing to the fact that he may not be ready, but I am pushing forward anyway. School starts on Wednesday, and he is in a class with several kids who I know are potty trained so the teacher will make them take potty breaks. In addition, he is enrolled in gymnastics (also starting next week), but he has to be potty trained. Rather than pay for a month to hold his spot, I am determined to get him out of a diaper!

Since Preston got his stubbornness from me, pray for both of us that this process works!

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Chelsea said...

I'm impressed. I can barely wink and I'm..... older than 3.

Buy the jumbo bag of M&M's at Costco and go for it! Good luck!! :)