Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's Not a Party Until....

the cops come, the smoke detectors go off or something breaks, right? Well, let's start from the beginning....

A year ago we knew that Steve's big 4-0 was approaching so we decided that we would throw a big party to celebrate! Since Louis shares a birthday with Steve and is 10 years older, he'd be turning 50! The party planning began this summer, and everything came together wonderfully! We invited friends and family, and God couldn't have given us a more beautiful day and night. Since watching college football is a must to live in the south, we had the Auburn game playing inside, and the Alabama game on the big screen outside. It worked out perfectly!!

To make it easier on us, we catered the dinner from a Mexican place, and bought tons of beer and wine. I worked hard creating a couple of playlists for the ipod so we could have just the right vibe, and thanks to Steve's cousin, Vann, we had awesome speakers jamming all night long (well, until the cops came around 10:00 and asked us to turn it off). Since our 48 guests were just starting to rev things up and dance, we moved the party inside. With many people crowded in the house, dancing
....that is when a table got broken.

Shortly thereafter, the candle in the bathroom had a very large flame (don't ask me why), so someone blew it out and the smoke from it was so bad the smoke detector went off.

It was a crazy night, and the kids were up for most of it. Thankfully they took very long naps, so they were able stay up late and enjoy it. I guess all of the excitement tuckered them out because when we finally put them to bed, they slept through the very loud music downstairs.
Of course they awoke bright early yesterday, so it was back to normal for all of up the mess and recovering from all the fun! We certainly had a big time and brought Steve and Louis happily into their next decades. We've heard from several of the guests, and I think everyone had fun, so mission accomplished! Happy 40th Steve, and happy 50th Louis! I love you both!

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