Friday, October 14, 2011

Painting Pumpkins

This morning Bennett's class invited all of the fathers in to have a snack and help them paint pumpkins. Unfortunately, Steve was unable to attend since he departed for South Dakota for a long weekend of hunting with my father and brother a couple of hours earlier.

Thankfully, she wasn't terribly upset since her Nene and I came in his absence. We let Bennett do all of the painting, which started off with a smiling pumpkin. But she couldn't stop with just a little bit of painting, so it slowly developed into one of her "rainbow" works of art...with red, white, black, green and red paint all over the pumpkin. It was too wet to handle, but it will be on display in front of our house next week!

Though hanging with Bennett and her classmates was loads of fun, the best laugh came from reading her report on her Daddy....see for yourself.....

I got an even bigger laugh, when I emailed him a copy of it and told him that the teacher read the reports out loud in front of all of the dads!! (ha ha ha)

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