Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pres & His Buddy

The temperatures this past week have been gorgeous, providing us wonderful fall weather! This has been perfect because I had yardwork to get done. However, I feel guilty about always making Preston play in the backyard all by himself, or run errands with me on the days where he doesn't go to school. So today, with another beautiful forecast, I took Pres and a buddy to the zoo.

Sadly, this is Preston's first playdate which didn't involve his sister (and he had a BLAST). Preston and his friend, Luke, have been in the same class for the past two years. He's a little doll, and the two of them ran all over the zoo checking out the animals. The primary reason we went to the zoo is because our lions welcomed 5 cubs in May, and they are finally out in the exhibit.

The five little cubs were the cutest little things (well they are not so little anymore...they average 40lbs). Since we got there when they first opened, it was feeding time, and they were all gnawing on their own shank bone.

I loved watching them interact with each other and watching their mommy protectively walk around and keep an eye on each of them. The boys were bored after a few minutes, but I kept pointing something new out in the exhibit to keep their interest a bit longer. It will be fun to watch these lions grow over the next few years, since they will remain at our zoo for at least another 2 years.

Here's a photo of my little cub roaring...

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