Monday, November 21, 2011

35 Days Until Christmas!!

As our children get more aware of the holidays, they become more fun to celebrate. Halloween was a blast (sorry for not blogging on that), and Thanksgiving should be fun. But Christmas brings so much happiness and fun times! Bennett has been circling items in catalogs for weeks, and has already been talking about "Bob the Elf."

When the kids return to school, they will begin learning about the meaning of Christmas. These are the lessons that need to be reiterated to my children because they think Christmas is all about the gifts under the tree. Speaking of tree, we have started celebrating early at our house....we have already set up three of our four trees!

This year, we bought each child a small tree of their own liking for their room. Pres got a traditional one, and Bennett chose a purple tree with pink lights (yes, you read that correctly). They each picked out which ornaments they wanted on their tree. Since we started a tradition of giving them an ornament each year, they used the ones they were given, along with any others that "spoke to them" in our box, We then chose others for the small tree we put on the porch.

Since it is a little early to be putting up trees, we will wait to put up our primary tree until after Thanksgiving.

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Chelsea said...

LOVE the purple tree with pink lights! You GO girl!! >3

By the way, the porch looks FABULOUS! The floors are gorgeous. I'll bet you are loving sitting out there. I wish I lived closer. That looks like a cozy cocktail sippin' porch if I've ever seen one! :)