Tuesday, November 1, 2011

B. A. M. A.!!!

Sadly, we had to refuse tickets to the National Championship game two years ago when Alabama played to WIN in California. However, we were given two tickets to this year's national championship game (which happens to be coming a little early, and is very close to home)...the AL-LSU game this Saturday!! Thanks to Steve's parents, we will get to watch the #1 and #2 college football teams in the nation square up against each other, and I can't wait!! Tickets are going for a ridiculous amount of money, and every hotel in Tuscaloosa is sold out! I know they could have sold their tickets for at least $800/each, but we will get to watch history in person.

Do you know what makes the whole experience even better?? We don't have to leave Birmingham late or rush home early to pay off a babysitter because the kids are having a sleepover with their cousins (thanks Brian & Shannon)!! What a perfect way to enjoy the weekend! To top it all off, the weather is supposed to be wonderful! So we are heading down midday to tailgate with friends, eat some cajun food and show the LSU tigers who really deserves the number one spot!

Check back on Sunday for photos and stories!!

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Joy said...

Roll Tide.....pull us through!
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