Saturday, November 12, 2011

Final Stretch

We are coming to a close on this project, and I am SUPER excited!! This week our fireplace was installed. This was the one thing we were unwilling to budge on, so it was nice to see this thing in the room. With the temperatures beginning to drop, this will be utilized often over the next few months when we enjoy time out there. Since we were able to go 6 feet back off of our old, existing deck, we went with the larger fireplace so we could add more warmth to the room.

Wednesday the floors were installed. With the heat, humidity and rain, we toyed with many options for this. We decided between treated pine (ruled out because it is too soft), tile (ruled out because it is too slippery when wet), composite material used on boat decks, etc. and Ipe, a Brazilian hardwood. We ultimately decided on the latter because it is so hearty and unique. What you see in the photo is not the finished product. In early December, after being rained on a few times, they will come back and put an oil on it to bring out the color. It is a multi-color wood, with about four different colors. The first year we need to apply the oil twice, and then once annually for the first couple of years. After several years, it will be maintenance free (my kind of floor)!

Thursday the plumber came to hook the gas line up to the fireplace and grill. Though we have a working fireplace, we decided to add gas logs so it would be less dirty and more easy to ignite. Had I known how expensive gas logs were, I may have changed my mind. However, we are viewing all of this as an investment, so I guess in the big scheme of things it isn't a big deal. We also had the cap for the fireplace installed (it needed to be measured and built for our fireplace).

Yesterday, the mason came to do the stacked stone around the fireplace. He worked tirelessly Friday, and we couldn't be happier with the end result! Unfortunately our builder installed the screens yesterday morning, so we trapped all of the dust inside the room and now have a nice clean-up project to tackle!

Next week we will tie up loose ends, staining the ceiling, painting the siding, re-attaching the gutters, and installing the ceiling fans. We have not ordered our backdoor yet, but have it all picked out! I think the person who will like that most will be Spencer because it will be a mahogany screen door with a doggie door. Since he loves to be outside, but not for too long, I think he will enjoy the freedom of going in and out as he wishes. Then our furniture will be delivered on Friday!!

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