Friday, November 25, 2011

Go Insane, Go Insane...

Ever since my kiddos were young, they have been singing and dancing (neither very well, but that is not the point). We listen to all kinds of music while we are in the car: country, gospel, hip-hop, kids' music and more. After I received a CD that the women on my Emmaus walk made singing all of the Christian songs from that wonderful weekend....that is all they requested. Bennett loved to sing "Do Lord" since she sings it at school too and knows many of the words. They also love "Jesus Loves Me" and the new verses our CD has.

However lately, we have been listening to a variety of hip-hop music that my spin instructor burned for me on a CD. Since Preston is in the car more with me, he has really gotten to know the songs, and requests them by name as soon as he is buckled into his carseat. He dances in his seat and gets very angry if he doesn't get his top pick of the day. If I am searching through the CD trying to find it, he can tell from the first few notes whether or not it is his desired song. Bennett has her favorites too!

Here is short clip of them singing a couple lines from one of their favorites: "Blow" by Kesha!


Joy said...

Too cute! enjoyed the video.
Lawson's MeMe

Chelsea said...

So cute! Laughed out loud at this one!