Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mary, II

Wednesday morning we said good-bye to Mary, one of the kid's fish. For those who have been reading the blog for awhile, do you recall last November (that would be Nov 2010), when Steve bought two feeder fish for the kids? Well for everyone who thought they wouldn't last more than a few were wrong.

Jesus and Mary (the names of the two fish) have lasted 13 months!! In fact, Jesus is still alive and doing very well...he has even tripled in size. However, a few days ago Mary stopped swimming and started lying at the bottom of our bowl. Even after we dropped food in there, she would hardly move. I thought maybe I hurt one of her fins after returning her to the bowl after cleaning it, but the pet store thought she had a bacteria infection. Regardless, she lasted much longer than we thought she would, but wouldn't even move yesterday.

We had been preparing the children for the inevitable, but that didn't stop Bennett from crying yesterday morning when we put Mary in the toilet, and asked God to take care of her. I held her for awhile, and then she came around and asked when she can get a new fish.

In the afternoon, I surprised the kids with a new white fish. Bennett knew immediately that she wanted it to be a "girl fish," but couldn't come up with a name. After multiple suggestions from me, she decided on Mary (again). So welcome Mary (the second)!

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