Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Christmas Festivities

This past week, we attended Bennett's school Christmas program. They divided each of the 4K classes into various animals (camels, lambs and donkeys). Bennett and her classmates were the donkeys.

They sang several songs, and told the story of Jesus' birth. We reminded her to sing loudly and she did great! She knew where we were seated so when Steve gave her a "thumbs up" to her performance....she did it back!

She had been practicing some of her songs at home, so I thought I knew what was going to transpire. However, I was very surprised when I saw her name in the program as a bell ringer. She, along with a few other kids, were selected to ring a bell while the other children sang "Jingle Bells." When we asked her after the program why she didn't tell us she was going to play the bells, she said it was "a secret." What a great surprise!

Friday after school, we decided to take care of another Christmas tradition....visiting a nativity scene. My kids love to get up close and see baby Jesus and everyone else. It made me proud that Bennett could tell me who everyone was. Of course, she tried to pick up and hold baby Jesus, but he was bolted down (I think people have stolen him in the past).

The kids talked to the statues, and we spent 15-20 minutes hanging out. Unfortunately, a group of students came up to view it too, and were waiting to get their pictures taken. I told the kids we needed to go, and that we could return again, but that didn't stop Bennett from throwing a huge tantrum right there in front of two teachers, a bunch of elementary students and everyone driving by (nice, huh?). Pres and I started walking home, I wasn't about to give her the attention she wanted, which just caused her to cry more. So, though we had fun for 15 minutes, it ended poorly.

Hopefully, she'll do better when she sees a live nativity scene with her own classmates this week.

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