Saturday, December 24, 2011

More Christmas Fun

Since the kids have been out of school, we have enjoyed not being on a schedule. However, no schedule quickly causes my children to become bored, so we have been trying to keep them busy. They decorated a gingerbread house with my parents, baked more Christmas cookies with Steve's parents and their cousins, and saw a movie with us! Here are some photos of their creations.

As you can see, the gingerbread house turned out very cute (a vast improvement from last year). My mother did the icing, but the kids applied all of the candy (while sampling a few pieces).

Thanks Mom & Dad for an hour of entertainment!

Thursday, I dropped the kids off at Mimi and Papa's so they could make Christmas cookies. They had some practice with me, but the cookies didn't turn out so well. Since Mimi is a master baker, I had more confidence in the success of these cookies. Sara and John Michael also came over to assist in the process, and from what I hear...they all had a ball!

Preston loved playing in the flour, and made quite a mess!! He had it EVERYWHERE!

Sorry Mimi....

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Chelsea said...

Cute pics! Merry Christmas to you all! XOXO