Monday, December 19, 2011

School Christmas Parties

This week the kids finished their last days of school for the semester with Christmas parties. First was Preston's on Monday...and boy was he genuinely happy to see me! They had just returned from playing in the gym and all of the moms were there waiting for them. He ran over to me and gave me a big hug and kiss (which NEVER gets old). Then his teachers made each one wash their hands and sit down for lunch. However, they had to do their blessing first...and how sweet it was hearing those little voices bless their food.

All of the mothers signed up to bring different things, but since my little boy still doesn't eat much, I packed some stand-bys for him to nibble on. After lunch they made reindeer food and decorated a gingerbread house (or should I say they ate the candy that was supposed to go on the house?) Either way, fun was had by all, especially after their book exchange!

While all of the fun was going on at Preston's school, Bennett was comfy in her PJs watching a Christmas movie with her fellow classmates. Tuesday, she had her Christmas party, which Pres and I attended. They ordered pizza, had story time, did a craft and exchanged another fun time!

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