Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day 2012!

As most people know, Pres is our early riser, but on Christmas morning we had to WAKE the boy up at 8:00!  Bennett awoke on her own anxious to begin unwrapping gifts, but we forced her to wait.  She was happy to see that Santa had enjoyed her cookies, only leaving behind a few crumbs.

But by 8:00, she could wait no longer so she went up to wake Preston.  Shockingly, he wouldn't get up for her, so Steve had to do it.  When he finally came down, he was so excited to see his stockings and Santa gifts.  However the real excitement came when he opened his crane!  Then when Pres opened his Caterpillar excavator that Santa gave him, he said "Santa must have gotten this in Peoria."  That boy had us laughing so hard!  His third gift from Santa was a marshmallow gun, which has given all of us a lot of entertainment.  In fact, Steve thinks we should ask Santa where he got it so we could all have one!

Bennett was absolutely over the moon when she opened her easy bake oven and make-up!  She wasn't as excited about her other gift from Santa (speakers for her itouch), but she has been using it all week, and is very pleased with them after all.  It has been fun watching her dance with her friends.
Of course, we gave the kids a few items too, clothes, books and other practical items.  Thankfully no one complained, and seemed genuinely happy with their gifts.  After a few minutes of playing with their toys, we showered and headed over to Brian and Shannon's for breakfast and more gift exchanging among the children and to my parents.
Bow and arrow set
Sweet Lucy
Pres LOVED his dino pillow pet
B always likes clothes
Another baby doll for Henley
Overall, I think all of the kids were happy.  In addition, I know my parents were pleased with their gifts (especially my mother)!  She has never been so excited to open her new ipad that she got from all of her grandkids!  And I know I saw a few tears when she opened the photo album we made for her documenting their time spent with the grandchildren.

Hen and B fight over Lucy (two mamas in the making)
Sadly the best group photo was taken with a cell phone, and I can't correct their eyes
After breakfast and a couple of mimosas, my parents came back to our house for the rest of the day.  The kids played with all of their new toys, and Steve and I cooked dinner (fillets, polenta, grilled asparagus and a salad).  Everything was divine, despite the nasty weather we were having.  Fortunately, the tornadoes stayed away from us so we didn't have to spend any time in the basement.

Another wonderful Christmas, and thank you to our family for sharing it with us!  Here's to one of the best years yet!  Looking forward to 2013 and what is has to offer!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve - 2012!

After starting Christmas Eve day early in the morning (thanks to Preston), my family went on lock down in the afternoon and took naps to prepare for all of the festivities of the evening.  As we always do, we attended the children's service at our church where the children dress up as characters from a nativity scene.  The kids shook things up this year, Bennett chose to be an angel, and Preston was a sheep.  After the short service, we went to the sanctuary to take communion as a family (always a special thing for me).

Following church we headed over to Steve's parents for dinner and family time.  It didn't take long for the kids to begin asking when they could begin opening presents though, and we couldn't keep them waiting too long.  Uncle Dan distributed his gift bags to the children first, which contained many items, among them where these elephant calls, as seen below (thanks Uncle Dan!).

The kids were told to take turns and help pass out gifts to others, which they did, but they were always anxious for their turn again.  They received so many wonderful items from their grandparents and cousins!

McKenna (along with all of her accessories)!

Styling (in their onesie PJs)!

Pres can't wait to use his sand digger in the sandbox and rock box
Mizerany grandkids with Uncle Dan
After a short few hours, Pres was begging to go home (he had been sick and still wasn't feeling well).  We hated to cut the night short, but we did.  As soon as we got home, the kids distributed the reindeer food to help guide Santa and his sleigh to our house.  In addition, Bennett hand-selected the cookies she wanted to leave for Santa.  They said their prayers, and the kids were dreaming of sugar plums in their heads in a short amount of time.  Meanwhile, Steve and I put out the remaining gifts, and got ready for the morning (if you know what I mean). 

What a fun night, but we had a whole other day of excitement to come!!  What would Santa bring them???

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bob's Mischievous Ways

Just a glimpse into Bob the Elf's mischievous ways this Christmas season.  He has been quite the prankster this year, getting himself into trouble, and causing a few problems around the house.  The kids have enjoyed him though, and always have a race to find him each morning.  The photos aren't in order, but here is what Bob was up to the past month at our house...

In a jam
Helping feed Spencer
Catching up on some sleep
Roll Tide!!  SEC Champs!
Wishing the kids fun the morning we left for Disney!
Hosting a tea party for friends
Kids couldn't believe he found us in Orlando!
Bubble Bath!
Bath time!
Hanging out with some new friends at Disney
Just a little midnight snack...
Posing for a photo, and getting an autograph with Mickey!
Bob drank too much punch!
Making friends with Rapunzel & Cinderella
Snowball Fight!!
Bob's Bootcamp!!
Recovering from the flu
Eating some cookie dough
Snow Angel
Hanging around
Naughty Bob! (thank goodness he cleans up after himself)
Fireman Bob Sliding Down!
Welcoming the kids home after a weekend away
Catching up on some Christmas books
Tee-peeing the living room
Getting a clean shave for the holidays
Playing dress-up

Bungee jumping!

Until next year Bob.....we'll miss you!!