Friday, January 27, 2012

Date Day with Bennett!

At the beginning of the year, I set goals for myself, and one of those was to take each of our kids out on a date each month. Finding time to spend with just Preston is easy since he doesn't attend school everyday. However, Bennett is a little tougher since she goes to school five days a week and we're generally together as a family over the weekends.

Last week, Preston and I had our date, so it was Bennett's turn this afternoon. Since Steve usually only works half days on Fridays, it was a perfect day to sneak away for a little "girl time." We started off by getting her haircut at my salon (since her last haircut was AWFUL). She has never had her hair washed, only sprayed down and cut. So she was so excited to be treated like a big girl and have the whole experience. Of course, she became a little antsy during the styling process, but she was overall a good girl.

Following her salon appointment, we treated ourselves to ice cream and then a quick visit to the zoo. Sadly, Bennett hasn't been to the zoo in ages and had never seen the lion cubs. She heard from Preston earlier this week how much they had grown, so she wanted to see them before they were full-sized. Our zoo has also welcomed a baby Oraguntan, but unfortunately she and her mommy, Lipz, were not in the exhibit today.

Though our winter has been very mild thus far, the zoo has many exhibits closed. Couple that with our late in the day visit, we didn't get to see much. Regardless, it was fun to just hang with Bennett and talk to her without Pres or anyone else around. Our children totally thrive when they get that special one-on-one time (like most kids I imagine), so it was a fun afternoon!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cold Season is Here!

It is mid January, and the weather has been varying from upper 60s to below freezing temperatures. So it is no wonder that we all have stuffy noses and a cough. Poor Bennett still hasn't mastered blowing her nose, so if it doesn't drain out, she is swallowing it. Therefore she has been very congested and has a nasty cough. Unfortunately there isn't much you can give a child under 6, so it has been very persistent.

Tuesday, I sent Bennett to school and Preston and I had a "date day." We went to his choice of gym nurseries (so I could get my workout in), and then we went to lunch at his favorite...Micky Donald's (that is how he pronounces it). Since his diet is still limited, he loves the change-up of food. However, he enjoys his happy meal so much more if we can eat there. So, we ordered and sat down for a quick lunch. After picking up Bennett at school and then napping, he awoke and threw up.

After stripping him down and cleaning up the mess, he complained that his belly still hurt. I taught him to go to the toilet to throw up, and he did several more times. After a quick bath, he crawled up in my lap and fell asleep. Then Bennett started a coughing fit, which led to her running to the bathroom and unloading her whole dinner. Sigh....

Needless to say, they both stayed home from school yesterday to rest. Pres continued to not eat and Bennett continued to cough. While they napped I disinfected the house, hoping to rid this house of any and all germs. I got them down early for bed, and thought all might be better today. However, I became worried when Pres was still asleep after sleeping 12 hours. So I went to check on him and he was awake lying in his bed. When I asked him if he was okay, he said "yep." But as soon as he stood up to come downstairs, he vomited again. Sigh......

Anyway, I sent Bennett off to school and Preston and I are holed up in the house again today. Looking forward to Steve getting back in town so I can have a little relief, and for this bug to MOVE ON OUT!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mimi's Birthday

To celebrate Mimi's birthday, we all got together at Louis and Michelle's house for a casual dinner. Michelle made two different soups (at Mimi's request), and we ate and hung out. All of the kids had fun together... playing with playdough, playing on the iPad and playing hide & seek.

As Steve and I drove home, we talked about how nice it is to have family in town for our kids to get to know and enjoy. Such a blessing.

Steve baked his mother's birthday cake all by himself (which was great), and we gave Mimi her birthday gift, but I think she liked her belated gift better...another National Championship Title!!! Can I get a roll tide please?!

So for those of you living under a rock...the BCS National Championship game was Monday night and Alabama had the opportunity to play #1 seated LSU again. Steve wanted to watch without any interruptions, so we hired a babysitter and planned a fun night out with some friends who were also pulling for Alabama.

Thankfully #2 Alabama gave it everything they had and pulled out a big win: 21-0!!! We both couldn't have been happier for another National Championship Title! What a way to end a season!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Use Your Imagination

Tonight I finally remembered to pull out the camcorder to record Preston saying the Lord's Prayer. He has been saying it for months, really, but I keep forgetting to get the recorder. I finally remembered tonight, but then forgot to turn on the night vision there is no picture.

I decided to post it regardless because really it is sweet just listening to his innocent little voice in the dark. However, if you can use your imagination, he was lying in bed (in the dark), and had a smile on his face the entire time.

Monday, January 2, 2012

365 Day Project

Okay friends and others I know, I am going to begin the 365 day project this year! In addition, I have set goals for myself (I prefer to call them goals instead of resolutions), and I am going to try and follow the 30 day challenge for moms. It sounds like a lot, but they are all things that will hopefully make me slow down, appreciate the little things, and document our lives better. Let me explain these things further...

You are supposed to take one picture a day for the "365 Day Project." You can post those photos on facebook, your blog, or make an album at the end of the year, but it is supposed to force you to remember the little things about your life, rather than only documenting those important moments. I definitely try to be good about blogging, but have found it more difficult to remember to take pictures and write stories about our life, but I am vowing to be better. My children are at such fun ages, and they say and do the craziest no time is better than the current time!

The "30 Day Mom Challenge" is one where you try to be a better mom. For every day of the month, you have a new goal, and then each month you start over with the same to do list. It may be simple things that come easily like "hug your child three times today" or "laugh with your child" Or it could be something more difficult like "go the whole day without yelling at your children" or "turn off your phone, tv or computer today when your child is with you." Either way, they are only good things on the to do list, and things that, in my case, need to be reminded. So I have printed the list and placed in near my computer where I will see it daily. Today's goal is "go the whole day without yelling at your children," and I am happy to say that I think I will make it!

Lastly, I have set goals for myself this year. I used to do resolutions, but I never upheld them, so why bother, right? Now I have set reasonable, yet good goals for myself. Some pertain to my health, others to our finances, others to the person I am (mother, friend and spouse) and lastly things I hope to accomplish in 2012.

Obviously we are only just beginning the new year, 2012, but I am optimistic and confident. So, here's photo #1 and phone #2 of 2012. Photo #1 was taken after the new year, and #2 was taken tonight. Spencer and Preston have a love-hate relationship...Preston loves Spencer and Spencer (kind-of) hates Preston...just kidding. No, in reality...Pres pets and loves on Spence everyday, but he also drives him crazy by chasing him and pulling on his ears and limbs. Spence sometimes bites him, but Preston always forgives him and comes back for more. I love my boys!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out with the Old and In with the New!

Though 2011 was not a bad year for the Mizeranys, I always look forward to a new year. We have new goals, new things to look forward to, and the kids are a little older and able to do a little more. In 2011, we celebrated Steve's 40th and our 5 year anniversary, but this year will mark my 40th birthday...ugh.

As we did last year, we decided to host a new year's eve party. We had a nice group of friends to dine on delicious food, and then we did a lot of dancing! This year Steve and I served seared beef tenderloin mini sandwiches with a mustard-horseradish sauce, pork tenderloin pinwheels, mini twice baked potatoes and endive stuffed with goat cheese and walnuts. Then our friends each brought something to share: artichoke dip, pepper jelly over cream cheese, crab claws and cream cheese brownies...yummy!

Since we always seem to do a lot of dancing at our parties, and something has gotten broken at the last two parties...Steve and I wanted to do something different. Around mid December we set out to get our basement organized. We spent an entire weekend moving stuff, throwing away things and then listing a bunch of stuff on Craig's List to sell. It was extremely productive, and we cleared one large room. This room is now our "dance room" and it is adorned with a disco ball...perfect for all future parties!

Though I don't like the idea of hanging out in our basement (as it is not decorated nor finished), the fact that I didn't have to worry about drinks spilling on my rug, or people breaking anything was worth it! We jammed down there for 3+ hours, and the disco ball paid for itself over and over again as beer was spilled over and over again!

Everyone had fun, and I am very fortunate to have wonderful friends in my life. Here's to another fabulous year!