Monday, January 2, 2012

365 Day Project

Okay friends and others I know, I am going to begin the 365 day project this year! In addition, I have set goals for myself (I prefer to call them goals instead of resolutions), and I am going to try and follow the 30 day challenge for moms. It sounds like a lot, but they are all things that will hopefully make me slow down, appreciate the little things, and document our lives better. Let me explain these things further...

You are supposed to take one picture a day for the "365 Day Project." You can post those photos on facebook, your blog, or make an album at the end of the year, but it is supposed to force you to remember the little things about your life, rather than only documenting those important moments. I definitely try to be good about blogging, but have found it more difficult to remember to take pictures and write stories about our life, but I am vowing to be better. My children are at such fun ages, and they say and do the craziest no time is better than the current time!

The "30 Day Mom Challenge" is one where you try to be a better mom. For every day of the month, you have a new goal, and then each month you start over with the same to do list. It may be simple things that come easily like "hug your child three times today" or "laugh with your child" Or it could be something more difficult like "go the whole day without yelling at your children" or "turn off your phone, tv or computer today when your child is with you." Either way, they are only good things on the to do list, and things that, in my case, need to be reminded. So I have printed the list and placed in near my computer where I will see it daily. Today's goal is "go the whole day without yelling at your children," and I am happy to say that I think I will make it!

Lastly, I have set goals for myself this year. I used to do resolutions, but I never upheld them, so why bother, right? Now I have set reasonable, yet good goals for myself. Some pertain to my health, others to our finances, others to the person I am (mother, friend and spouse) and lastly things I hope to accomplish in 2012.

Obviously we are only just beginning the new year, 2012, but I am optimistic and confident. So, here's photo #1 and phone #2 of 2012. Photo #1 was taken after the new year, and #2 was taken tonight. Spencer and Preston have a love-hate relationship...Preston loves Spencer and Spencer (kind-of) hates Preston...just kidding. No, in reality...Pres pets and loves on Spence everyday, but he also drives him crazy by chasing him and pulling on his ears and limbs. Spence sometimes bites him, but Preston always forgives him and comes back for more. I love my boys!

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