Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cold Season is Here!

It is mid January, and the weather has been varying from upper 60s to below freezing temperatures. So it is no wonder that we all have stuffy noses and a cough. Poor Bennett still hasn't mastered blowing her nose, so if it doesn't drain out, she is swallowing it. Therefore she has been very congested and has a nasty cough. Unfortunately there isn't much you can give a child under 6, so it has been very persistent.

Tuesday, I sent Bennett to school and Preston and I had a "date day." We went to his choice of gym nurseries (so I could get my workout in), and then we went to lunch at his favorite...Micky Donald's (that is how he pronounces it). Since his diet is still limited, he loves the change-up of food. However, he enjoys his happy meal so much more if we can eat there. So, we ordered and sat down for a quick lunch. After picking up Bennett at school and then napping, he awoke and threw up.

After stripping him down and cleaning up the mess, he complained that his belly still hurt. I taught him to go to the toilet to throw up, and he did several more times. After a quick bath, he crawled up in my lap and fell asleep. Then Bennett started a coughing fit, which led to her running to the bathroom and unloading her whole dinner. Sigh....

Needless to say, they both stayed home from school yesterday to rest. Pres continued to not eat and Bennett continued to cough. While they napped I disinfected the house, hoping to rid this house of any and all germs. I got them down early for bed, and thought all might be better today. However, I became worried when Pres was still asleep after sleeping 12 hours. So I went to check on him and he was awake lying in his bed. When I asked him if he was okay, he said "yep." But as soon as he stood up to come downstairs, he vomited again. Sigh......

Anyway, I sent Bennett off to school and Preston and I are holed up in the house again today. Looking forward to Steve getting back in town so I can have a little relief, and for this bug to MOVE ON OUT!

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