Friday, January 27, 2012

Date Day with Bennett!

At the beginning of the year, I set goals for myself, and one of those was to take each of our kids out on a date each month. Finding time to spend with just Preston is easy since he doesn't attend school everyday. However, Bennett is a little tougher since she goes to school five days a week and we're generally together as a family over the weekends.

Last week, Preston and I had our date, so it was Bennett's turn this afternoon. Since Steve usually only works half days on Fridays, it was a perfect day to sneak away for a little "girl time." We started off by getting her haircut at my salon (since her last haircut was AWFUL). She has never had her hair washed, only sprayed down and cut. So she was so excited to be treated like a big girl and have the whole experience. Of course, she became a little antsy during the styling process, but she was overall a good girl.

Following her salon appointment, we treated ourselves to ice cream and then a quick visit to the zoo. Sadly, Bennett hasn't been to the zoo in ages and had never seen the lion cubs. She heard from Preston earlier this week how much they had grown, so she wanted to see them before they were full-sized. Our zoo has also welcomed a baby Oraguntan, but unfortunately she and her mommy, Lipz, were not in the exhibit today.

Though our winter has been very mild thus far, the zoo has many exhibits closed. Couple that with our late in the day visit, we didn't get to see much. Regardless, it was fun to just hang with Bennett and talk to her without Pres or anyone else around. Our children totally thrive when they get that special one-on-one time (like most kids I imagine), so it was a fun afternoon!

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