Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mimi's Birthday

To celebrate Mimi's birthday, we all got together at Louis and Michelle's house for a casual dinner. Michelle made two different soups (at Mimi's request), and we ate and hung out. All of the kids had fun together... playing with playdough, playing on the iPad and playing hide & seek.

As Steve and I drove home, we talked about how nice it is to have family in town for our kids to get to know and enjoy. Such a blessing.

Steve baked his mother's birthday cake all by himself (which was great), and we gave Mimi her birthday gift, but I think she liked her belated gift better...another National Championship Title!!! Can I get a roll tide please?!

So for those of you living under a rock...the BCS National Championship game was Monday night and Alabama had the opportunity to play #1 seated LSU again. Steve wanted to watch without any interruptions, so we hired a babysitter and planned a fun night out with some friends who were also pulling for Alabama.

Thankfully #2 Alabama gave it everything they had and pulled out a big win: 21-0!!! We both couldn't have been happier for another National Championship Title! What a way to end a season!

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