Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out with the Old and In with the New!

Though 2011 was not a bad year for the Mizeranys, I always look forward to a new year. We have new goals, new things to look forward to, and the kids are a little older and able to do a little more. In 2011, we celebrated Steve's 40th and our 5 year anniversary, but this year will mark my 40th birthday...ugh.

As we did last year, we decided to host a new year's eve party. We had a nice group of friends to dine on delicious food, and then we did a lot of dancing! This year Steve and I served seared beef tenderloin mini sandwiches with a mustard-horseradish sauce, pork tenderloin pinwheels, mini twice baked potatoes and endive stuffed with goat cheese and walnuts. Then our friends each brought something to share: artichoke dip, pepper jelly over cream cheese, crab claws and cream cheese brownies...yummy!

Since we always seem to do a lot of dancing at our parties, and something has gotten broken at the last two parties...Steve and I wanted to do something different. Around mid December we set out to get our basement organized. We spent an entire weekend moving stuff, throwing away things and then listing a bunch of stuff on Craig's List to sell. It was extremely productive, and we cleared one large room. This room is now our "dance room" and it is adorned with a disco ball...perfect for all future parties!

Though I don't like the idea of hanging out in our basement (as it is not decorated nor finished), the fact that I didn't have to worry about drinks spilling on my rug, or people breaking anything was worth it! We jammed down there for 3+ hours, and the disco ball paid for itself over and over again as beer was spilled over and over again!

Everyone had fun, and I am very fortunate to have wonderful friends in my life. Here's to another fabulous year!

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