Saturday, February 18, 2012


Every young child deserves the opportunity to ride a bike. Unfortunately, we don't have a good driveway to provide that, so the children have learned to improvise. Since we cleaned up our basement back in December, there is a large enough space for them to ride their bikes down there (which is perfect on those cold or rainy days).

Our other location is the library parking lot (which is practically across the street). Preston has gotten so brave and loves to pedal as quickly as he can down the slight hill there so he goes fast. He gets going so fast, his little feet fly off the pedals and he wobbles some (which makes us a little scared), but he recovers and keeps going! Our goal is to keep practicing through the spring, so we can try taking the training wheels off this summer.

Check out our daredevil! His tongue is always hanging out of his mouth, so we have to keep telling him to keep it in his mouth (so he doesn't bite it off)!

Bennett, on the other hand, is not quite sure of herself outside of the basement. She is confident and does well on the smooth concrete basement floors, but the minute she wobbles a little outside, she gets scared. She road around a little this morning, but she just prefers to watch Pres.

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