Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is Valentine's Day, and though Steve is out of town...he gave me a great gift - The Kindle Fire! I look forward to reading my first book on it! Unfortunately, I have been feeling under the weather (again). I got the mother of the year award this morning when I turned on the TV for the kids, laid out their breakfast and went back to bed until school started. I know it is pathetic but I was feeling awful! I told Bennett I wasn't feeling up to attending her party today, but she lost it so the guilt set in and I went.

Shortly after I arrived, my fever broke and I started to sweat profusely (seriously...sweat was running down my back and into my pants). I felt awful! I told Bennett I had to go, but she started to cry again, so I hung out in the corner for awhile longer so there wouldn't be a scene. Finally, I was able to escape about 15 minutes later. When I got home, I drank some water and started to feel a little better. So I decided to do what any logical person would do...sweat more by heading to spin, right? I definitely didn't give 100% to the class, but it felt good to sweat a little more and feel my head drain some. After another shower, I started to feel even better. Thank goodness for the Z-pack, day 2 is finally kicking in for me!

Regardless of my little illness, Bennett had fun at her party! They had a craft, enjoyed a story, and ate a cupcake.

Preston's school party was yesterday! He has a large class but he only talks about four other kids: Banks, Whit, Luke and Lucy. These five kids were in the same class last year where their bond was formed. After two years together, they are thick as thieves! Before his party ended, I tried to get a photo. Someone wasn't looking or was moving around each time, so this is as good as it gets. Just by looking at this, can't you tell how these kiddos can be mischievous? They are a hoot!

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