Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bud's Best Cookies

Today I accompanied Bennett on one of her many field trips that she has this school year. We visited "Bud's Best Cookies," a local maker and distributor of cookies. Several mothers shuttled the kids there, and then we got our wonderful hair nets on and took a train ride around the plant while we heard how the cookies were made, tested, packaged and sent off.

Bennett and one of her little girlfriends in her class rode in my car on the way there. They sang and danced in the backseat, and had a very silly conversation (you got to love this age and wonder what they talk about while at school for four hours).

Of course, neither of the girls wanted to return to school after the field trip. They wanted to go out to lunch, and bail on their packed lunches...imagine that!

It was a fun day though, and I think Bennett felt a little better about school once she heard she only had music, lunch and recess left. She's a child after my own heart for sure!

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