Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bennett's Easter Party

This morning Preston and I attended Bennett's Easter party. Her party (always a well-organized affair) started off with a craft. The kids all made these little bunny magnets. Just as they were finishing, the fire alarm went off.
Of course, we knew it wasn't a drill so we looked around and followed the teacher's instructions. None of children panicked, they all just lined up and followed Ms Sherry outside....into the rain. Since we weren't expecting this, we didn't have umbrellas. While some of the staff stayed back to find out where the "fire" was, the rest of us stood around outside. After 10 minutes, they pinned the alarm on the kitchen staff that evidently burned some food.
After we all got settled back inside, several of the moms hid the stuffed Easter eggs while the kids had an Easter story read to them. Then they lined up again and walked to the room where they calmly looked around for eggs. Bennett was happy that she found one of the eggs that she stuffed with 5 tootsie rolls!
After the big egg hunt, the kids went back to their classroom so they could have their lunch. Bennett devoured the popcorn chicken they served, and asked for seconds and thirds before having 2 cookies!! Man, that child is a Banta....she can put back the food!
After we returned home, the kids opened up all of Bennett's eggs to inspect the candy. Surprisingly she shared some with Pres. After they each sampled a couple of pieces of candy I was able to get them both to lie down and have some quiet time! Tonight we attended the Maundy Thursday service at church. Since we have missed most of Holy Week at church this year, it was nice to experience the beautiful music, short sermon and communion before Easter Sunday.

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