Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

This morning the kids awoke to find a little something in their Easter baskets from the Easter bunny. Preston was so excited about his new spiderman puzzle and toothbrush! Bennett was excited about her new hello kitty toothbrush. We were happy that it was those simple things that excited our kids.

Following a yummy breakfast of beignets (thank you Steve), we got ready for church. Of course church was packed, but who doesn't come to see the beautiful sanctuary with all of the flowers and Easter lilies, the emotional finish to our minister's sermon series on the Lord's Prayer, and the wonderful music. Together these things make me so happy to be a Christian.

After the service, we gathered the kids to get our photo taken in front of the flower cross, and then went to Steve's parents. Myra cooked a big feast for the whole family. Since all of the cousins were there, Pres and Bennett had a blast hunting eggs over and over again. They played all afternoon outside while the guys watched the Masters.

It was another beautiful, relaxing day....a perfect ending to a perfect weekend. Happy Easter!!

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