Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Easter Festivities!

This morning we woke up and got moving. We had a full morning planned, and the kids were excited to get their day started. After breakfast and showers, we went to Brian and Shannon's house to let the kids dye Easter eggs. Of course they all got a little dirty in the process, but we were smart enough to bring a back-up shirt for Preston since the kid wipes everything on his shirt! After that we let them burn off some steam in their trampoline, and then we went to their church for an Easter egg hunt.

Since it was such a beautiful morning, Brian drove the kids over in the golf cart (which was a BIG deal for my kids). They fought over who sat where, but eventually agreed to get their seatbelts on so they could go.

Once we got to their church, we were greeted and given a flyer listing all of the activities that they hosting. I couldn't believe how well organized and nice it all was. They offered hunts for 5 different age groups, all spaced 10 minutes apart. In addition, they had several inflatables for the kids to jump and play in, pony rides, face painting, coloring and a huge spread for lunch! All of the kids had a ball!!

Preston hunted eggs with Henley in his age category, but also wanted to hunt with Christian and Bennett, so he really racked up! After the kids inspected their eggs, we convinced them to take a break and eat lunch. Of course, as soon as they were finished, they were ready to continue with the activities. We finally drug them out of there a couple of hours later. They played a little longer at my brother's, but I could tell the end was near, so we packed up and headed home. They both fell asleep on the way home....which is always a sign that they had a GREAT time! What a wonderful family day, and opportunity for the kids to all hang out together!

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