Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Preston's Easter Party

Since this is holy week, both kids have a short school week but have plenty of fun activities planned. On Wednesday Preston's class
had their annual Easter egg hunt followed by snacks and juice boxes.
We decided to mix things up this time by me attending Preston's party in lieu of Julie
(who typically attends all of the children's events). Preston was a little upset when I arrived
because other parents had arrived before me and he thought no one was showing up for him. He quickly rebounded when I walked in and was excited to join in the festivities. The kids started by sitting in a circle and singing a round of Old McDonald (Preston chose a crocodile) while the teachers hid the eggs.

A major meltdown was narrowly avoided when one of the other kids found Preston's Spiderman egg before Preston could. As his eyes started to fill with tears it was apparent that it was not going to go over well. But after brief negotiations, Preston had "spidey" back in his possession and all was well. All of the kids racked up baskets full of eggs and couldn't hardly wait to break them open and start on the candy.
The party closed with the kids having lunch (which we called snacks in my day) consisting of Chex Mix, PB&J sandwiches, fruit, cheese, Peeps, and juice boxes (of course for Pres it was limited to double Chex Mix, Peeps, and a juice box...that kid will just not eat). Pres enjoyed his lunch with his typical group of buddies (Luke, Whit, and Lucy) then the party ended. When we arrived home he was excited to show Bennett all of the loot he brought home and she was eager to convince him to share...which he was easily convinced to do. We'll see if she will do the same after her Easter egg hunt.

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