Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring is Here!

This afternoon we hopped over to see the Easter Bunny for a quick photo opportunity before going to Preston's first soccer practice and game! Both of the kids were eager to see him, but as usual, Bennett got a little timid right before picture time. Thankfully though, she perked up!

After pictures, the kids were forced to lie down for an hour since they had a fun night/morning with their cousin Henley who spent the night. We all went to church this morning, then lunch and then they played outside until she was picked up. Since we were unsure how Pres would act for his first soccer game (in the heat), we made him lie down. Unfortunately he didn't get much sleep, and was still tired when we woke up to go play soccer. When I put on his shin guards and cleats he got excited though. We all went to support our little guy, and he was so genuinely excited to play once we got there!

We elected to play on the Mountain Brook league because it is so low key. They practice for 30 minutes, and play a game for 30 minutes (all being on a Sunday afternoon when Steve is always here). What is also nice is that they only play 3-4 players on a team at a time so each kid has an opportunity to actually run and kick the ball (without getting run over by a bunch of kids). Since Preston played on a team with several kids from our church, he was immediately comfortable. He learned a few tricks during practice and tried to implement them when the game began.

He did a great job chasing after the ball, but he still got confused by the direction he needed to be running with the ball. If he was lucky enough to steal the ball away from the opposing team, he kept running the same direction they were. Of course he wasn't the only one on the team that did that though, and he is only 3.5 years I'll cut him some slack. He had several turns to play, and had fun until a little boy on the other team stole the ball from him and got a goal. He just broke down and cried. Since Steve was on the field with him, he comforted him and explained that that was how things go, and he managed to turn it off fairly quickly.

All and all, it was a great hour of entertainment. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and loved seeing how excited Preston got when he was able to actually kick and run the ball.

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