Monday, May 28, 2012

American Girl Extravaganza

Thursday morning we drove to Atlanta with Bennett and Henley for the birthday celebration!  The girls woke up early in anticipation of the big day.  We ate donuts and hit the road by 7am!  We sang on the way there, the girls watched a movie, and asked at least 50 times "how much longer?"  After only one bathroom break, we made it! 

Before Josephina got her hair styled
The girls were so excited when they walked in and saw dolls, clothes, more dolls and TONS of accessories!  Bennett did a bee-line for the big dolls, while Henley eyed the bitty-babies.  Since we had lunch reservations already, I went straight to the "salon" to make appointments for the girl's dolls.  Both of their hairs were messy and full of knots!!  We were able to get "Josephina" and "Cinderella" in pretty quickly, so while they got got their hair straightened out and styled...we shopped!

Henley with her new Bitty Baby
Though I thought Bennett was prepared (she has been circling items for months!), she could not make a decision on what she really wanted.  Instead of letting her spend every nickel of her birthday money, we put a limit on it and allowed her to get one doll, one pet, and a few new outfits.  After much debating, she ultimately chose "Julie"....the cute little hippie doll from the 70s, chocolate chip (a chocolate lab), a couple of dresses and pjs for both of her dolls. 
Josephina w/ her new braids

Steve with all of the "girls" at lunch

Me with my goddaughter and daughter!

Blowing out the candles!
My 5 year old girl!

Leaving with our loot

I have also included some photos from her birthday party/dinner with our local family members.  Bennett loves all of her cousins, and is fortunate to have all 6 of them in town.  Also in attendance were all of her aunts and uncles and her mimi and papa.  She chose the menu: hamburgers, tator tots, fruit and a lettuce salad for the adults.  It was all delicious, but Bennett quickly ate so she could open her presents.  She received lots of cash for her American Girl Store shopping trip, a bed for Josephina and more Barbie gear! It was a great night and a lot of fun with family.  She picked out her own birthday cake too: Tangled theme! 
"Tangled" Themed Cake
Bennett and Sara
Preston and Bennett

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