Sunday, May 6, 2012

Daddy Duty

This weekend I attended a retreat as a conclusion to a Bible study (for lack of a better word) that I have been doing since the beginning of the year.  It was offered at another church in town, but sounded like a wonderful class, so I signed up.  For the past 12 weeks, I have spent every Thursday morning with an awesome group of women learning how to better my life.  The name of the class is "LIFE"...Living in Freedom Everyday, and that is what I am trying to do.

While I was gone all day Saturday, Steve entertained the kids.  It was HOT and humid, but he took the kids to "We Love Homewood Day" at the park in the morning anyway.  The kids had a blast!  Then they went to lunch at McDonald' kids love eating there!  A combination of the heat and activities made them tired, so Steve got them down for an early nap.

I got home late afternoon, and while I took a catnap, Steve bathed the kids and got them ready for our evening plans (see how good he was!).  My parents stopped in town for 30 hours to see Christian's tee-ball game earlier on Saturday, celebrate Brian's birthday that night and watch Pres play in his last soccer game on Sunday afternoon.  For the birthday festivities, we enjoyed some Davenport's pizza and walked up to the library to watch the "We Love Homewood Day" parade.  The kids replenished their candy stash, and had fun racing around to get the candy.

After they divided up the candy, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Brian and ate some cupcakes.  The kids continued to play, while we chatted and had a few beers.  By 9pm, everyone was winding down, so we went our separate ways and hit the hay.

I guess our kids must have been really tired, because they slept until 8am today!!  I was totally shocked when I woke up and saw the time.  We had a fairly relaxing day and got Pres to take a short nap before his last soccer game of the season.  We woke him up and he was excited and ready to go!  Of course, he knew Nene and Poppy, Uncle Brian, Aunt Shannon, Christian, Henley and even baby Lucy were coming to watch him. 
He was already practicing when they got there, but he smiled so big when he saw them all standing on the sidelines.  He actually played well today too.  He was more assertive and ran after the ball (most of the time).  The season ending with distribution of trophies to all of the kids, and then slushies (thanks to the coaches).  He had a ball, and is ready to play again in the Fall.

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Chelsea said...

CUTE! He looks so proud in his little soccer gear.

Man, Steve gets an award or something. I'm impressed - parade, McD's, bathed then while you NAP?? That's awesome!! What a fun day with Daddy the kids had. I hope you had a cool frosty one waiting for him at dinner. He earned it!! :)