Saturday, May 19, 2012

Golf Lesson #1

This morning I awoke to the sound of birds chirping.  I crawled out of bed, and found my boys had left the doors open and were in the backyard practicing golf.  Steve was instructing Preston how to hold the club and how to swing through.  It was such a lovely sight, as Steve and I both enjoy playing golf.

My parents gave the kids clubs back in the Fall, but there wasn't much interest there.  However today Preston asked to play, so Steve quickly grabbed his clubs and capitalized on the moment.  Two hours later (for real), Pres was STILL out there, now with Bennett swinging away as well.  They are both enjoying it, and Steve is the perfect teacher.  He is so patient and calm.  Watching him show Bennett how the ball should be positioned in her stance, is rewarding for both her and Steve because she has really improved this morning, and loves the accolades and attention from us.

Evidently Steve told them about golf gloves as well, so Preston requested I get his gloves for him.  Though it is not the golf glove that Steve was referring to, it doesn't seem to bother Pres.  I guess I'll have to start looking for kid-sized gloves for my little golfers.  If this interest continues, I know two happy adults who will be playing golf this summer with their kids!

teeing up is hard to do with these gloves

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