Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Bennett!!

I seriously can't believe that my baby girl is 5 years old today!  She has been celebrating for the past several days, but her big celebration is tomorrow when we drive to Atlanta to visit the American Girl store.  She is SO excited to go and has been studying the catalogs for months in preparation for her shopping trip.  Since we are crossing state lines, it didn't feel right inviting another young child to go with us.  However, Bennett wanted to experience it with who better than her cousin Henley!

Today has been all about Bennett!  She woke up and opened up her gift from Preston (pink "cowgirl" boots) and a couple new art supplies from us (thanks to her Daddy for picking them out).  She LOVED her new blender markers and coloring pad, and has been busy coloring all day (8 pictures in total).  She also created a couple watercolor masterpieces for us.  The girl LOVES art!!  She also got to select what we do today, so she chose to go swimming.  After a little quiet time (when she did some of those drawings), Henley came over to play.  Then Bennett selected where we went to eat...Mexican (a girl after my own heart)!

Talking to her Nene & Poppy this morning

The kiddos at dinner

Once we got Preston dropped off at Steve's parents, we came home, sang "happy birthday" again and had a piece of cake.  The girls watched one TV show, and now they are tucked safely in bed awaiting our trip tomorrow.  We'll be sure to post lots of photos of her big day tomorrow!
The expression when we gave her a 2nd piece of cake!

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