Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just Another Night with the Mizeranys

This summer Bennett has been attending day camp through the Homewood Parks and Recreation.  It is such an awesome camp, with a variety of daily activities and one field trip each week.  Though Bennett has plenty to say to those she knows, she can be a little shy around new people so I wasn't sure how she would adapt.  As it turns out, my concerns were not needed as she has really enjoyed camp.  I know she is thriving there too because I have my two nieces and nephew who are counselors and get to spy on her for me.

Everyday she comes home with stories about her day....people she played with, things they did, etc.  Today she came home with a new trick.  Evidently a boy at her camp is quite talented (as everyone in her camp class is only 4-6 years old), and she thought his trick was the coolest thing ever.  So she came home and tried it over and over, and couldn't actually do it, but the whole family got a laugh out of her trying.  Unfortunately, I can't do it either, so I told her to ask her daddy...who I knew could.

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Joy said...

sweet, funny and cute! Memories