Friday, July 20, 2012

Just Me and My Boys!

After dropping off Bennett at day camp, Preston and I hit the gym.  He loves to go with me because he loves playing in their "soft play" area.  However, today he was meeting some of his friends (the Tanner trio), and that made it even better!  When we left the gym, the sun was trying to peek through the clouds, so we decided to capitalize on it and go for a bike ride.  Of course Preston wanted a destination, so we biked over to Shades Cahaba Elementary School.

The path (as Preston calls it) there takes us through a tunnel underneath the one busy intersection that we would otherwise cross.  Spencer accompanied us, and we walked/ran next to Pres as he biked all the way there (probably a little over a half a mile).  There was a slight breeze, but we were all sweating by the time we got there.  Pres did a beeline for the jungle gym firetruck, while Spence and I tried to stay cool in the shade.

On Steve's way home from work, he swung by to give Spence a lift home (my old boy just can't hang like he used to).  He was more than happy to get in the air conditioned car and head home.  Pres wasn't ready to leave though, so we played more.  He convinced me to pretend like we were firemen.  We rode on the truck, ran around the playground and climbed up trees (AKA... the top of the jungle gym) to "save animals that are stuck."  We had a great time playing make believe together.

Since I knew we still needed to get home, I talked Pres into leaving before he was completely exhausted.  We took a different "path" home and he pedaled so fast.  The little guy wore me out since I practically ran beside him the entire way! 

When we got home, we rehydrated and then this is what I found...

I guess both of my boys were exhausted!

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