Sunday, August 12, 2012

Splash Adventure

School is rapidly approaching, and we still have a lot of things that we want to do!  Since summer technically ends September 21st this year, we may have to keep checking off items into next month (that's not cheating is it?).   Especially since a couple of things we really want to do, we need to find a nice cool night to do them...camping and drive-in theater. 

Anywho....we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather we had today and drive out to Splash Adventure for a few hours.  We've had several friends go this summer and had heard good things, so why not!  The prices are discounted at 4pm, and it closes at 8pm, so we thought going the last four hours of the day would be the perfect amount of time to be there, and it would be less crowded.  We were correct with our two assumptions, but we forgot to take into account the cooler weather as the sun sets.

Though our kids had purple lips and were shivering, they continued to up and down the slides and play in the pool until we pulled the plug.  They had a ball!!  Preston absolutely LOVED all of the waterslides, and insisted on going by himself after a few times.  Several of their slides have 42 inch height requirements (which he does not meet), but we slipped him past the guards and he enjoyed himself thoroughly.  We went with Shannon and Christian and met the Neeses there too, so our kids had fun playing with the other kids.

We packed a few snacks since we were there over the dinner hour, but really tried to just pack it all in so we could leave and have dinner at home.  It all worked out well and the whole family had fun, even though it was a little chilly.  It was certainly a fun way to spend a few hours, and I imagine we'll return again next summer.

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