Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday to Preston!!

My beautiful kiddos!
This year we decided to have Preston's 4th birthday party at the zoo.  It is a place that he loves to visit, and they do everything for you (you just have to show up)!  It ended up being a beautiful day, and it actually wasn't too unpleasant for an outside party (especially since it was at 1:00 in the afternoon).  All of Preston's little buddies came, and they enjoyed cake and ice cream and learned about a couple of animals.

Making a wish...
"I'm not scared"
The first animal was a milk snake, which freaked me out, but not the kids.  They all pet the snake and even tried to guess why it is called a milk snake (hint, it is not because they drink milk).  They actually live on farms, and since the farmers originally thought they drank the milk, that is how they got their names.  In reality, they are carnivores and eat small rodents that live around the farm.

The second animal was a guinea pig.  Since many of the kids have seen one of these at a pet store, it wasn't a huge hit.  Oh well, they at least saw and learned a little about two animals.

Sweet cousins!

All of the kids waiting for the train
Following the animal interaction, all of the kids (and some of the adults) rode the carousel, and then took a train ride around the zoo. Though Pres would have loved to walk around the zoo and explore more, we left after the train ride so we could watch Alabama's second game with some friends (which ended up in another win). Of course, Preston couldn't leave for our friend's house without opening his birthday gifts first. He received some awesome gifts, but the winner was the spiderman costume with the big ninnies (AKA: muscles)! 

Me with my favorite boy!

The birthday boy with Lucy & Christian

Throwing spiderwebs after his party!
Since Preston's birthday party was a week before his actual birthday, he was confused that he wasn't actually four years old.  So when his REAL birthday came, he was so excited!  He woke up and came into our room and asked me "is today my birthday?"  He woke up happy, and had a few presents to open from us (all spiderman oriented since he is obsessed!!).  Then we asked Pres where he wanted to go to lunch to celebrate (he chose Mexican), but had to wear his batman costume to the restaurant! Later that afternoon he had his second soccer game. Mimi and Papa came out to show their support, and we were all so excited to watch him get his FIRST goal right at the end of the game!  He was so shocked, and excited!  It was the cutest thing, he came running off the field to me and said "Mom, I just got a goal....I've never done that before!"  He was ecstatic, as were we!

Afterward, we all headed back to our house for a birthday dinner to celebrate!  Louis, Michelle, John Michael and Maria came over, and we all played, talked and ate.  It was a great day!  As you can see from the photos....this kid LOVES costumes, and he racked up for his birthday!  He got 5 new costumes, and has had multiple costume changes over the past couple of days!
Trying out his superman costume...check out those muscles!
My little avenger with Mimi & Papa

Happy 4th Birthday Preston!!!

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