Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This year has been the year of Preston with costumes.  He has really gotten into dressing up, but has always felt left out since he only had three costumes for the longest time.  However, this year for his birthday he received 6 new costumes!!  He has been wearing them out the past two months....playing in them, napping in them, running errands in them, going to church in them, going out to eat in them and the list goes on and on!  He LOVES to dress up!! 

It all started this summer when we went to Christian's birthday party and saw that he had a spiderman costume with big ninnies (AKA: puffy muscles).  He immediately asked for one for his birthday.  I knew he would be bored with just one, so he got several more from grandparents and Brian and Shannon.  To say that he was elated with his gifts is a complete understatement!  The kid was OVER THE MOON!  With Halloween quickly approaching, he had a difficult choice to make.... what would he be for Halloween?
My ninja with classmates during parade
He finally settled on being a ninja (I think it is because he loves the swords).  Bennett on the other hand, has lost interest in dressing up, and couldn't decide what she wanted to be for Halloween.  In fact, she was so noncommittal, that we couldn't even buy anything beforehand, so she was stuck going through her costume trunk.  Thankfully her Nene and Poppy bought her a new fairy costume back in the summer, so that was what she settled on at 4pm today!

So excited to receive his Halloween snack!
Pres and his buddy, Banks
B rose her leg because that is what fairies do before they fly
Earlier today, Pres got to attend school in his costume so he could wear it for the Halloween parade and class party.  Most of the kids take off their costumes after the parade, but not Pres.  He was still in full gear at 1pm when I picked him up!  I made him undress for a short nap before Bennett got home from school, but then he was all suited up again by 3:30.

B with mascara and lip gloss!

After visiting Steve's parents (always our first stop), we hit our neighborhood with the Crigger's.  The three kids had a blast running from house to house.  Pres was sure to tell me that he thanked everyone after each stop, and they were thrilled with the loot they collected.  Shockingly, they became bored after an hour or so, and asked to go to our friend's house where others were gathering.  Since they live on a busy street for trick or treaters, there is a plethora of people watching.  The kids all sat on their front steps and passed out candy to the other children (and brazen teens and adults who were not dressed up carrying their Walmart sacks).

My mean ninja!
Knocking on Mimi and Papa's door!
With Mimi

After the policemen drove down the streets at 7:45 telling everyone to go home, Bennett alerted us that she was ready to go to bed, so we took our cue and walked home.  It was a fun night, visiting with friends and watching the kids really enjoy the holiday.  Happy Halloween 2012!

Caroline, Bennett and Preston

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Mom said...

They were SO cute in their costumes tonight! I don't think I ever see a photo of Pres without his darling smile.