Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer Ends.....

As our summer came to an end, I felt it was necessary to wrap up Part II of our "summer to do list." Though we didn't hit the desired 50%+ like I had hoped, we did complete an impressive 40% for our first summer.  Here are a some pictures of my kiddos enjoying the last 7 weeks of their summer:
dress-up....poor Preston
At the summit of Ruffner Mtn
rookies at splash adventure water park
family time with cousins
Before vacation bible school at TUMC
More fun with cousins
Visiting Ed's Pet World for the 1st time
Date day w/ B to attend the children's theater
Fishing w/ Daddy at Smith Lake (B really enjoyed it this summer)
More bike riding for Preston
finger painting
building forts (even Spencer went in this one)
Final List - 40% Complete

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