Friday, November 23, 2012

Counting Our Blessings

Every year at Thanksgiving, I think about all that God has blessed me with over the years.  I often take for granted all of my fabulous husband, two healthy cute kids, supportive parents, loving family members, a church that feels like home, wonderful friends, jobs, the health of my family members, food on our table every day, clothes on our back and so much more!

I am so thankful and happy for all that we have, and was excited to spend all Thanksgiving with our family.  This morning, Brian and Shannon and the kids came over for breakfast and mimosas.  Then Steve's family came over for our Thanksgiving meal.  What a perfect way to spend the day....with family (if only my parents had been here).

Even though Christian and Henley ran a one mile race in the morning, they still came over with an abundance of energy that my kids were looking forward to seeing.  They ate a little breakfast, and then played for a couple of hours.  Pres was so exhausted after they left (at 1pm), that he decided to squeeze in a short nap before the rest of the family came over.

The cousins always have fun together!

B LOVES Lucy, and look at those genuine smiles

Pres catching a 2.5 hour nap!

Shortly after the Bantas left, Myra and Louis arrived.  Since Myra wanted to host at her house (and we convinced her to let us host....thanks Mimi), she had a lot of stuff that she was bringing over.  She has traditional food that she makes every Thanksgiving that the family can't do without.  So she had to make her dressing, chicken and dumplings, stuffed celery and then she bought two turkey breasts to fry.  We provided the alcohol, an appetizer, green bean casserole, creamed potatoes, rolls and two pies.  Then Michelle made sweet potato casserole.  Myra made her dressing ahead of time, but I got to watch her make her infamous dumplings.  In addition, she taught me how to cream potatoes the way Bennett likes them.  Of course, we had way too much food for our group of ten, but that only means leftovers!!
The Mizerany men frying the turkey (looks strenuous)

"Say Say" and Bennett

"Shell" and Preston

John Michael, Maria and Michelle

B with Uncle Dan
As you can see, we had a lot of fun!  The Mizeranys stayed until 9:00, and then we got the kids down and I finished cleaning up.  A whole day of family time, we have been blessed beyond measure!

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